Reading “between the lines” with your clients

Having a great product used to be the only thing needed for making a success of your company in the past. However, in the current day and age, competition and the field has completely changed. There are many different marketing streams, sales platforms and ways to interact with your clients, that simply having a nice sign board outside of your shop won’t ensure that your company will keep it’s head above water.

Incorporating all of these different aspects into your marketing and sales enables you to reach the right customer, in the right way, with the right offer. However, there’s quite a bit more to this than simply handing out flyers or sending out generic emails to everyone that you went to school with or your Aunt (who loves your new bakery company) has spoken to in your lifetimes!

A good start would be to send an email announcing your new company, giving a short description and perhaps give a nice special offer using the mail campaign company of your choice (MailChimp, Silverpop etc). The reason for using these is that you can track the responses, opens, click through rate and many other things, but we will get that at a later stage. In this mail, firstly include an unsubscribe option to ensure that you don’t become “that guy” who sends unwanted emails every week, a subscribe option that maybe has different types of emails, to enable your users to get more relevant information. This mail can contain different links to products on your page, your Facebook page, twitter account, snapchat or whatever social media platform you choose.


Now comes the fun part, getting the info back of how your clients have responded. Tracking this information is important and vital to going forward. By looking at the different links clicked by the different recipients, you can focus more going forward on perhaps your new “wonder bread” or send less information about the process you took to start your company. You can also see who liked you on Facebook, went further than just clicking the links to your website (by using website tracking), followed you on Twitter or unfortunately unsubscribed from your mails. You can also see which of your contacts are interested and whether you or your Aunt’s contacts are the ingredient of your bakery mail batch.

willem pic

Having all this info is great, but using it effectively is where Analytics comes in, visually displaying your campaign results and predicting what to send next to which clients, where to offer what specials and what time to send these mails or tweets can all be seen by analyzing the different channels and platforms available to you.  Your younger crowd might like your Facebook Posts more than getting an email on their old Hotmail address, so to be more effective for that age base (which you can see by using dashboards and analytics) you should perhaps offer a special deal for your Facebook fans?

There is an ocean’s worth of information available on all the different systems and platforms, but getting it together in one easy to use platform is what will put you ahead of the competition and make sure that you’re not just another mail that gets filtered to a spam folder. We as a company specialize in getting all the different customer behavior together and analyzing these trends to give you the most effective and relevant marketing strategies.

By Willem Foord, consultant Business Intelligence at Kentivo