The Kentivo Group of companies are delighted to announce the acquisition of MediaDigitaal B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as per June 29th, 2017. MediaDigitaal B.V., also known as MD Info, will become a separate business unit within the Kentivo Group and will focus on expanding their current business propositions in terms of Digital Publishing and …..

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Geocoding & Machine Learning by Loqate & Kentivo


Geocoding: a prerequisite for valuable geo-prediction To advance geographical analyses, it is important to have excellent geocoding. However, still many data sets are derived from extracts from the financial or crm system and consist mostly of address information. This makes it difficult and error prone to combine them with geo-location information from mobile platforms. Naturally, …..

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Chatbot at your service(desk)

Customer Service and customer satisfaction Every organisation that delivers products or services knows the issue: How can I provide maximum customer services with a minimal investment. This blog will discuss  how a chatbot can help improving Customer Satisfaction and lower operating costs. Customer Satisfaction is the key for cross and upsell opportunities. High Customer Satisfaction …..

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Privacy by design

The last decade has shown a rapid growth of concern among citizens about privacy. Protection of personal data and the right to preserve anonymity are back in the spotlights. Policy makers have made every effort to react upon the worry. As a consequence, regulations on data processing are being tightened. Regulation The European General Data …..

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IBI Solution for market insight – Interactions, behavior, interests

IBI solution for market insight
OverviewInterest AnalyzerBehavior PredictorInteraction ManagerInsight AnalyzerSolution ArchitectureOverview Market Insight All organisations make work of marketing in one way or another and aim for better market insight. Many developments take place, but the old concepts are still relevant. The 5 P's are still as important today as they were in the past. To be able to be relevant .....
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