The Kentivo Group of companies are delighted to announce the acquisition of MediaDigitaal B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as per June 29th, 2017. MediaDigitaal B.V., also known as MD Info, will become a separate business unit within the Kentivo Group and will focus on expanding their current business propositions in terms of Digital Publishing and …..

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Geocoding & Machine Learning by Loqate & Kentivo


Geocoding: a prerequisite for valuable geo-prediction To advance geographical analyses, it is important to have excellent geocoding. However, still many data sets are derived from extracts from the financial or crm system and consist mostly of address information. This makes it difficult and error prone to combine them with geo-location information from mobile platforms. Naturally, …..

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Post Click Marketing, what’s in it for me?

What is Post Click Marketing? Post Click Marketing is a solutions that can improve sales through eCommerce channels by responding on a more personal level to website visitors based on available information from the visitor and historical data that has been collected. The ultimate goal is to increase conversion rates in your eCommerce channel with minimum …..

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